Dr. Constance de Monts

I am a Physical Therapist passionate about healthcare, research dissemination, knowledge/education, and the ever-changing world we live in. I thrive on human connection and the incredible beings we are and become through grit, perseverance, adversity, and dedication.

I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in 2016, and have since launched my professional career down the road of rehabilitation, recovery, and prevention. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work in a variety of settings across the United States. From top tier institutions in Boston, MA to small community hospitals in Alaska and Texas. I have seen the incredible support structures that small community hospitals provide as well as the extraordinary life-saving measures and innovative technologies at the best institutions. Both have their pros and cons. Both have the singular goal of improving our health and saving lives.

Please join me in better understanding the complexities of our health care system through the lens of a rehabilitation specialist as well as understanding the human body. Discover the newest research in rehabilitation, injury recovery and prevention, and find innovative ideas for improving health care delivery and access to care.


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I am a physical Therapist with diverse experience in large level I trauma centers to acute Neurorehabilitation


My own personal experience with a LE trauma resulting in a 14 day hospital stay with a poor recovery prognosis


Helping with aging parents and frail grandmother, I understand the burden of caregiving.