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Redefining Physical Therapy in the Time of COVID: Time for Innovation

Change is often driven by necessity, whether due to a crisis or a feeling of dissatisfaction. During times of duress, current structures are challenged and pushed leading to innovation or failure. During the 1918 Pandemic, many of our current established hygienic principles were developed during that era. At that time no antibiotics or vaccines existed, so the primary control efforts depended on pharmacological interventions such as isolation, good personal hygiene, the use of quarantine, disinfectants, and limiting public gatherings(1). Previously communal cups were used at wells where everyone would use the same utensils. The pandemic created a systemic change in behaviors that are now standard in today’s hygienic practices.  As a result of COVID19 companies have been forced to restructure or sink. The most evident has

Shoulder Impingement: Looking Beyond the Shoulder

Let’s start with a simple case study: Liz is an 18yo female who comesĀ into the clinic with a complaint of anterior shoulder pain. Liz is training for her college volleyball season and has had on and off shoulder pain all throughout high school, but now that she has a scholarship for college and she really wants to be able to keep her scholarship and prevent her shoulder from getting worse. What are the key points we can take away: Anterior shoulder pain: this gives us a starting point. We are going to want to probe for more information (nerve symptoms, radiating pain, certain positional factors that make it worse/better, description of the pain etc.) On & off pain: indicates that this may be a chronic


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